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Customer Testimonials
Read what our customers have to say about us...
Yesterday, for Black Friday at Weathered Vane (Rapid City), I sampled the Plum Currant Ginger Chutney (just spread over cream cheese), and the Cranberry Fig Sauce. Sold several jars of each. Customers are impressed. I love scooting up to them and telling them about your company: "This is a great new line we've started carrying. They're out of the Hudson Valley in New York, a family business..." I'm so excited to have some real food to sell, instead of the sodium-laden, processed stuff that we've been passing off as "gourmet."
~ Jennifer, Iowa

"They have a great line of G-Free projects- try them ASAP a real MOM & POP SHOP!"
~ Elizabeth Hasselbeck, NewYork

Just wanted to say hello and thank you for my last order. Everything is wonderful and we are still enjoying your products. Your Cranberry Sauce is beyond excellent and the salad dressings, are just wonderful. We thank you for making such wonderful products!  
~ Lynn, New Jersey

Dear Ms. and Ms. Stettner:
Thank you for one of the precious few product lines of food condiment that is legitimately low sodium, healthful and contemporaneously flavorful. If the remainder of the commercial food industry would follow your noble lead, the incidence of metabolic diseases would be palpably reduced. I enjoy your dressings personally, and recommend them to patients frequently.
~ Carl S. Goldstein, M.D., F.A.C.P., F.A.S.N.

We've been using your Thai dipping sauce, but we couldn't for the life of us figure out where we got it! We absolutely love it, but don't know if we got it at Safeway, or it was given to us or where it came from! We've been using it on barbequed salmon and it is heavenly! We are addicted!

Thank goodness your web site is on your label. We were starting to panic as we were running out. Your other products look fabulous also. Love your web site, the story of Wild Thymes and your company ethic.

Cheers and happy holidays from the left coast to the farm!”

~ Email from Joanie

“My nutritionist recommended that I buy only Wild Thymes condiments because they are so low in calories, carbohydrates, sugar, sodium and fat. I've lost 150 pounds and I can thank Wild Thymes in large part because they gave me a healthy and delicious alternative.”

~ Jennifer Gimmel, Los Angeles, CA

“As a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and a professional chef and caterer, I am used to preparing everything from scratch. What a joy to find a company that makes products that are so fresh, innovative and simple to use that I can use them in place of my own! What a time-saver.”

~ Martha Kimmerly, Bangall, NY

“Not only is your packaging beautiful, but what is inside the jar is absolutely incredible. The products inside the jar are as good as the packaging on the outside, which is not true of many products I have bought in the past!”

~ Melanie Jarvis, Scarsdale, NY

“These are the most addictive condiments I've ever tasted!”

~ Paul Kogat Boston, MA

“I can never get enough of Wild Thymes condiments. They are all so unique and fresh. I use a different one every day.”

~ Jim Doerge, Houston, TX

“I received some of your products in an absolutely beautiful gift box for Christmas. They are all gone and I am desperate to buy more. Where can I buy your products in Chicago?”

~ Tess Leighton, Chicago, IL

“These Wild Thymes condiments are the freshest, healthiest, and best-tasting ones I've ever had. I received them last Mother's Day and I've been buying them ever since. Thanks for making such a great product.”

~ Charlotte Hinman, Seattle Washington

“I tried your salad dressing after reading a great review in the Washington Post. Since then I've tried many of your products and love them all.”

~ Laura Marshall, Bethesda, Md

“I've never tasted anything like these products. I make my own chutneys and preserves, but they don't come close to the flavors of Wild Thymes”. I'll never make my own again. It isn't worth all the trouble now that I know I can buy them!”

~ Laura Barisoni, Milan, Italy

"Your Deluxe Sampler is the best gift I received all year. You offer so many different and exquisite combinations. Every product was great. I'll use you for all of my personal and corporate gift giving from now on."

~ Martin Brenner, Miami, FL

"My kids sent me the most beautiful gift box of condiments from your company for Mothers Day. My husband and I have been using them and just love them. Can you send me a catalog?"

~ M. Larsson, Sonoma, CA